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- 360w 12cm fan Black
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- 400w 12cm fan Black
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Works Power Supply ATX 360W


Works Power 360w is a great value for most regular PC systems and is highly reliable. Clean outputs yield great stability and enhances overall system performance. The Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan not only greatly reduces noise but it provides great cooling effect for the system and CPU even when no other system fans are installed. This 360w is also a great replacement power supply that can fit into many name brand systems. Most system boards that need 20/24-pin and P4 4-pin ATX power connectors will be able to work with this 360w. Auxiliary 6-pin connector is also present on this model.

Item Number W365CN4
Rating 360W
Compatibility Intel or AMD systems
Fan Type Ultra Quiet 120mm
Thermal Control Yes
Connectors 20+4-pin (black sleeved), P4 ATX, SATA x 3, molex 4-pin x 4, FDD 4-pin, AUX 6-pin
Case finish Metallic Black
I/O Switch Yes
115/230V switch Yes
Protection Over Power, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit Protection
Dimensions 6"W x 5.5 "D x 3.5"H
MTBF >90,000 hours at full load, 110V AC and 25C ambient temperature
Package Retail color box or bulk pack
Box Quantity 8 units in retail box
Box Weight 34 lbs

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