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- 360w 12cm fan Black
- 400w 12cm fan
- 400w 12cm fan Black
- 400w Dual fan
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- 600w 12cm fan Gray
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Works Power Supply ATX 400W

This version of the Works Power Supply ATX 400w with gray finish is geared more towards server type application. With the Ultra Quiet 120mm Thermal Control Fan, and durable components, it is a great choice among system builders who demand quality over apperance.

Part Number: W400BF
Power Input: 115V or 230V AC, switchable
Power Output: 400W DC maximum
Connectors: 20+4-pin, 4+4-pin, PCIe 6-pin, SATA, molex 4-pin
Protections: Over Power, Over Voltage, Short Circuit Protection
Cooling: 120mm fan with automatic thermal control
AC Plug: 3-prong US standard
Dimensions: 6"W x 5.5 "D x 3.5"H
Package: OEM bulk pack, or with retail box upon request

Please note: variations of this 400w power supply are available with different configuration, please call us to discuss your exact requirement.




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