- 300w 12cm fan
- 360w 12cm fan Black
- 400w 12cm fan
- 400w 12cm fan Black
- 400w Dual fan
- 450w 12cm fan
- 450w 12cm fan Black
- 500w Dual fan
- 600w 12cm fan Black
- 600w 12cm fan Gray
- 800w Dual fan
- 1200w Dual fan

Works Power 800w SLi ready power supply

Model number: W800CN4

Equipped with both PCI-Express 6-pin and PCI-Express 8-pin, you can push computer graphic to next level with a graphic card that requires both a 6-pin and a 8-pin PCI-Express connector. This quiet work horse will give you enough power to run a SLi configuration with plenty of peripherals. Detail specifications are listed below.

1. Intel V2.2 and V2.91 compliant
2. Power Factor Correctiong for cleaner outputs
3. Great for system builders
4. Front & Rear dual quiet cooling fan
5. Reflective mirror finish
6. 20/24-pin mainboard ready, SATA, PCI-Express, SLi ready
7. Low Ripple Low Noise
8. Power On/Off switch
9. High Efficiency, environmentally friendly

Note: This model only comes in bulk package for system builders.

Note: Another version of this 800W power supply has 135mm cooling fan and all black sleeved cable wires, please call or email us at for more information.


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