Fan Controller:

CM615 Remote connectivity with network and internet access via software compatible to Windows XP/7/8, Auto Fan Temperature Curve & full system status monitoring, Start Boost, 15W x 6 channels, LCD touch based control
FC5 V3 Start Boost, selectable 16 colors for the extra wide LCD display, 3 alarm different modes, 30W x 6 channels, knob based control
CF525 60W x 5 channels - The Most Powerful Fan Controller right now!! Knob based control
CW611 Customizable channels for air & water cooling, compatible with fans, pumps (up to 12V) & flow meters, full flow number read-out display, 36W x 6 channels, touch based control
FC Touch Auto or Manual fan control for each channel, choose between RPM or Voltages, and Celsius or Fahrenheit for read-out, 30W x 6 channels, touch based control
FC10 Vintage Steam Punk design, premium parts, displays Celcius, Voltage, or RPM, 30W x 4 channels, remote control
FC5 V2 Seletable 7-color display, select Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Voltages read-out, 30W x 4, knob based control
FC8 LED indicator in 7 selectable colors, 30W x 8 channels, minimalist front panel design, knob based control
FC9 Throttle style control, 7 selectable LCD display colors, CNC milled front bezel, 50W x 4 channels
FC6 LCD display with 7 selectable colors, alarm can be triggered when temperature is over 70C, or if the fan fails to work when voltage is over 6.5V, 20W x 4 channels, knob based control
FC2 CNC milled aluminium panel of up to 3/4", Blue LED, 45W x 6 channels, knob based control
FC3 CNC milled aluminium panel of up to 3/4", Blue LED, 30W x 4, knob based control
Fanatic Military style toggle switch controls 12VDC cooling fans from Off (No LED), Medium (Blue LED), or Full speed (Red LED) position, 60W x 5 channels
FC4 20W x 4 channels, stepless fan speed control with control knobs, Blue LED brightens up as fan speed increases
Hummer Military style toggle switch for turning On or Off the connected 12VDC device, controls up to 100W x 5 channel
FC1 Controls up to 2 x 12VDC fans, easy thumb dial speed control, available in black or white, Blue LED, compact size


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