Fanatic Fan Controller

Fanatic features:

With easy flip of a switch and the fan speed goes from Off (No LED), to Half Speed (Blue LED), to Full Speed (Red LED), it's that simple. Not only the Fanatic is easy to work with, it also looks pretty good with the mesh front bezel and the military style toggle switches that control up to 60W for each of the 5 cooling fans connected to this fan controller. Easy does it!

Part Number: FC-Fanatic-BK for the Black version

Dimensions Overall: 148.5 x 42.5 x 63mm (5.25" Drive Bay)
Power Input: +12VDC (via standard 4-pin Molex)
Power Output: Up to 60W per channel x 5 channels
Control Range: 0 - 12VDC
Fan Header: Molex standard 3-pin x 5
Front Panel Color: Black

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