FC5 V2 Fan Controller

FC5 V2 features:

With a new and much improved LCD display with 7 colors to choose from, the FC5 V2 is fast becoming a favorite among users. Now you can choose either Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Voltage for the bottom line read-out on that gorgeous looking LCD display, and control up to 4 cooling fans with a maximum power rating of 30W per each fan. It's time to get one and have fun!

Part Number: FC-FC5V2-BK for Black
Part Number: FC-FC5V2-SL for Silver

Dimensions Overall: 148.5 x 42.5 x 63mm (5.25" Drive Bay)
Power Input: +12VDC (via standard 4-pin Molex)
Power Output: Up to 30W per channel x 4 channels
Control Range: 0 - 12VDC
Fan Header: Molex standard 3-pin x 4
Front Panel Color: Black

Download FC5 V2 User Guide 1, User Guide 2

Purchase this product at these fine retailers:

http://www.amazon.com for the Black version
http://www.amazon.com for the Silver version

http://www.aerocooler.com for the Black or Silver version

http://www.newegg.com for the Black version




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