CW611 Water Cooling Fan Controller

CW611 features:

  • Newly improved, extra large LCD display
  • Customizable channels for air and water cooling
  • One controller over air or water cooling for the entire system
  • Fully compatible with pump, flow meter, and cooling fans
  • 6 channels all usable in pump, flow meter, or fan control mode
  • Full flow number read out display
  • Reverse power and over-voltage protection
  • Made with extra premium quality components
  • Recommended to work alongside a 550W or higher output, good quality power supply
  • Part Number: FC-CW611-BK
Dimensions Overall: 148.5 x 42.5 x 63mm (5.25" Drive Bay)
Dimensions LCD: 118 x 31mm (4.65 x 1.22 inch)
Power Input: +12VDC (via standard 4-pin Molex)
Power Output: Up to 36W per channel x 6 channels
Control Range: 0 - 12VDC
Fan Header: Molex standard 3-pin x 6
Front Panel Color: Black anodized

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