P/N: CB-E8F-P6F2

16 AWG extra heavy duty cable perfect for heavy duty modular power supplies that take EPS type 8-pin modular cables with the opposite pinout compared to a regular EPS ATX 12V 8-pin connector* which plugs onto the motherboard instead. Please see the above picture to make sure the pinouts. You can use this cable to power 2 graphic cards with PCIe 6-pin power port.This cable is 19.5" long end to end, and is black sleeved with black connectors. Pure, new copper cores are used in making this cable - no recycled copper!!

If not used correctly, the above cable may fry your hardware components and we are not responsible for any damages. Please contact us if you have any questions.

* The regular EPS ATX 12V 8-pin connector has the upper row in yellow wires (shown below, +12VDC in yellow) compared to the above cable's 8-pin connector. You can find the regular EPS ATX 12V 8-pin connector on any modern PC power supply and it is supposed to plug onto motherboard. The pintout picture is shown below:





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